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(Stay Safe, Healthy, and Empowered)

During the COVID-19 period, GESL in partnership with A Girl At A Time premiered its SHE Initiative.


The SHE series focuses on virtual learning experiences for girls in Sierra Leone to keep them safe, healthy, and empowered during the COVID-19 lockdown period. 


SHE focuses on utilizing a series of mixed media including informational flyers, animated videos, and podcast audio. The project also utilizes radio and television to share the necessary content for the general public. The participants in the program are girls in GESL along with girls in GAA, who were part of the creation process of educational materials as well as part of some of the audio recordings, to encourage other girls to best identify with the material. 


Educational Videos

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Focus Areas: The areas that the series covered is as follows:  

  • COVID- 19 Education

  • Mental Well Being

  • Developing my skills

  • Leadership

  • Decision Making

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

  • My Responsibilities to my Home and my Community



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Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone

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