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Our Programs


Our triennial summit is a 3-day program that gathers young sierra Leonean girls to participate in leadership development workshops.

Year-Round Mentorhip Workshops

A series of workshops led and facilitated by Sierra Leonean women mentors to enhance the learning of girls in GESL’s key programmatic areas. Mentors also provide year round support to GESL girls through other activities including Girl Talk Series and Mentorship Circles. 


A year long project led by GESL girls within their schools and communities to solve and address pertinent issues important to their peers and communities. Our second year girls focus on community level programmes in their earlu GESL years and national issues as they reach their final GESL years.

For Families

A program established to provide emergency support to families represented by GESL girls in the event of crisis and disaster that may particularly impede the education of girls.


​IGNITE is a blended-format series focusing on Violence Against Women & Girls. Through local events, podcasts, videos, and print, we aim to enhance the advocacy & activism skills of our participants.

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Our program is developed  into 4 stages. Our girls enter into the program at  Junior Secondary School JSS1 level (usually aged 11-13) and leave the program by Senior Secondary Schol SS2 level when they are usually 17-18. 

  • Zahra: This stage is focused on leadership and self development and our girls remaining within this stage for 2 years.

  • Chanua: This stage is focused on mentorship and technology and our girls stay in this stage for one year.

  • Gazania: This stage is focused on community and national development and our girls stay in this stage for two years.

  • Caly Lily: This stage is focused on career development and college readiness and our girls remain in this stage for one year as their final stage period graduating. 

Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone

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