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Fatmata is 20 years old and attended Methodist Girls High School and Excel International High School. She loves singing, dancing, and creative art work.

She wants to be a voice to all voices that have been shut down and give them back their courage, confidence and boldness to speak up as girls - no matter the situation around them.

Fatmata is 19 years old and attended St. Joseph Secondary School. She likes singing, dancing, and reading novels and adventure stories.

She wants to see girls minimize self-criticism. She wants to sensitize girls, show them they can do what a boy can only better, and girls can become engineers and other "boy"-focused jobs.

Kadiatu T. Mansaray photo.jpg

Kadiatu attends Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior Secondary School. She likes telling stories, reading and singing. 

She wants to stand up for girls’ rights, fight for a brighter future for girls, and encourage them to do positive things with their lives.

Fatmata Bayoh

Peer Facilitator

Fatmata Binta Turay

Peer Facilitator

Kadiatu T. Mansaray

Peer Facilitator

Peer Facilitators

Isatu is 18 years old and enjoys singing, reading, dancing, and giving advice to girls. Her goal is to help girls be who they want to be and not what society tells them they have to be.

She wants to see girls work in a safe space without them being sexually, mentally, or physically abused. She wants young teen mothers to be able to go school - pregnancy should not be the end of their lives. She aims to speak up for them to not give up.

Isha Sesay's Photo.jpg

Isha is 18 years old and attended St. Joseph’s Convent School. She likes dancing and learning new skills. 

She aims to show girls that they can open up and be ready to voice the challenges they face. She believes keeping silence won’t gain the justice girls deserve, and she aims to always advocate for girls to express themselves.

Isatu Nabrilla Sesay

Peer Facilitator

Isha Sesay

Peer Facilitator

In-Country Team

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Maryam Darwich has an extensive background working with young girls, and serves as GESL's In-Country Coordinator and Advisor since 2014.


Lindsay Sesay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Peace & Conflict Studies & a Master’s degree in Development Management. She serves as GESL's Programs Manager.

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Hannah has over ten years of experience managing Finances, Administration and Logistics for Child Protection National NGO's in Sierra Leone. Hannah Conteh is the Admin and Finace Coordinator of GESL. 

Maryam Darwich

In-Country Coordinator/


Lindsay Sesay

Programs Manager

Hannah Conteh



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Adama holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Fourah Bay College University of Sierra Leone, and she joined Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone in April 2019 and she is a project officer. 


Imran is currently the Accounting Supervisor for the leading cooking gas company in Sierra Leone. He serves as GESL's Finance Officer.

Josephine attended the Government Secondary Rokel School, she sat to the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). She is presently working as Office Assistant at GESL.

Imran Kamara

Finance Officer

Adama Sesay

Project Officer

Josephine Augusta


Office Assistant

Fatmata Jalloh.jpg

Fatmata attended the Guadalupe Secondary School Lunsar, she sat to the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). She is presently working the Office Security for GESL and Afriqia.

Fatmata Jalloh

Office Security

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GESL Advisory Board


Rukayah is an experienced public policy professional who works on women's maternal and sexual health and rights. She serves as the Board Chair with GESL. 

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Stephanie is a film and television editor and producer living in Los Angeles, California. She serves as GESL's Communications Lead.


Hennither is a Human Resources professional with years of experience. She currently serves as GESL's Board Secretary.

Rukayah Sarumi

Stephanie Filo-Jones

Hennither Gant

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Moiyattu is an International Consultant on women and girls' rights, and a professor of Women and Gender Studies at Temple University and Columbia University. Moiyattu is Co-Founder & Executive Director of GESL.

Moiyattu Banya


Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone

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